Iva Malinova Vlckova
* 30th april 1989

People say there is a big batch of creativity in my heart since i was born. My first attempt to make anabstraction arose thanksto left over colours used for theatre set pieces in a small theatre performance (2002). I made my first full-value painting in 2006. Since then painting has become my biggest hobby and i have created a lot of new paintings.

At first, i used fine rough bed sheets to paint on, but later on i replaced the sheets for the hardboard because of better results after framing. Both materials has their pros and cons. It was not only material that has been changing through the years but also has my signature. My first paintings were marked with my swap initials, but then I came to conclusion that my original signature would be better. I usually use acrylic colours.

What should i say at the end? Maybe, that inspiration for me basically everything around, especially in nature and architecture.

nulla dies sine linea...
by niky